• Your Personal Grain Merchandiser

Grain Marketing 101

Cash Crop Growing Seasons

What are the growing seasons of different US Crops?

Cash Crop Growing Seasons (Part 2)

How weather and geography affect crop cycles

Considerations When Selling Grain

What factors influence grain sales?

How Macro-Economics Affects Sales Timing

How the broader economy can affect grain prices

How Price Moves After Critical Events

USDA reports and "Black Swans" move grain prices

How To Read Candlestick Charts

Candlestick charts can look intimidating at first...

Straddles & Strangles

More information on advanced grain trading mechanisms

The Speculative Money Cycle

How do "The Funds" inject cash into grain markets?

Types of Grain Marketing Advisors & Commodity Brokers

Which is the right grain price advisor for you?

Types of Buy & Sell Orders

Different ways to capture grain price targets

Market Hierarchies

Who are all the players in the grain markets?

Types of Basis Markets

A look into cash grain basis markets for Farmers

Corn's Supply Chain

How is commodity Corn used and where does it go?

Soybean's Supply Chain

How are commodity Soybeans used and where do they go?

Millions of Bushels Hedged

We've seen all types of markets.

Thousands of Farmers

Every Farm operation is unique.

Play the Basis

Deliver anywhere.